7 cool upgrades for outdated computers.

Every year, new models of computers appear that surpass their predecessors in terms of power. However, after buying the device you like, the question arises of what to do with the existing kit. But there are at least 7 creative ways that can help give a second life to outdated computers.


1 ORG-flower garden

2 Mother's box

3 Hard watch

4 LCD for coffee break

5 Alarm with passcode

6 System shelf

7 Apple mailbox

ORG-flower garden

Over time, any equipment falls into disrepair and computers are no exception. However, there is no need to rush to throw away old things, as they can become a highlight of any interior.

The computer case was freed from all internal parts, the drainage was laid on the bottom, the substrate was poured and flowers were planted. The procedure was repeated with the remaining non-working technique. As a result, a real ORG-flower garden appeared on the territory of the office, where a coffee break is a real pleasure.

Mother's box

An unusual piece of art was invented by a true computer connoisseur who decided not to throw away old components. Using outdated motherboards, he built a real box.

First of all, the base is assembled by carefully gluing the boards together. When the structure is dry, install the lid by attaching it to the box with hinges. The product will look great on a shelf or become a convenient storage for various technical details and other small things.

Hard watch

In the hands of the master, any non-working part turns into a real work of art. Thanks to creative thinking, we managed to create a watch based on a hard disk.

An interesting craft will become a real decoration of any desktop or an unusual gift that will interest not only lovers of computer technology, but also true connoisseurs of interior creativity.

LCD for coffee break

New models of monitors and TVs are constantly appearing on the market that you want to buy. This raises the question of what to do with the old device, which has not yet failed.

An excellent design solution will be a coffee table with a built-in LCD screen. Thanks to this invention, you can watch movies or videos from Youtube, as well as use it as a full-fledged computer.

Alarm with passcode

Old computer hardware can come in handy for creating unusual alarms. To do this, it is enough to connect the electrical parts to the mouse and keyboard in the correct order, set a specific combination and attach the structure to the door.

If the password is entered incorrectly, the system will start sending appropriate notifications to the phone, simultaneously emitting sound signals notifying about potential danger. The invention will be a real boon for organizations that do not have the extra money for signaling.

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