The Boston Dynamics Robot Dog Is Now Available for Purchase: Pet or Real Assistant?

Robopes from Boston Dynamics is already available for sale. The technical novelty will not only replace a live pet, but will also become a real assistant for many companies. At the moment, the device has successfully proven itself in several interesting projects.

New robot from Boston Dynamics
More recently, the collection of high-tech robots Boston Dynamics has been replenished with another model - the Spot dog. It was first introduced to the world in 2016 as a device that can move freely up stairs and overcome various obstacles. At the same time, the robot is quite compact, and its weight is only 25 kilograms.

Sales start and price
The new robot dog has already gone on the free sale. Now the novelty costs 74.5 thousand dollars. You can buy a "dog" only in the United States, while for residents of other countries, only renting a device remains available. They promise to deliver the order within 1.5-2 months after the purchase.

At the moment, the existing skills of a robop can only be useful to some large companies, for example, those engaged in construction or mapping. At the same time, the company assures that the device will be ready for use immediately after purchase. It does not need additional configuration or assembly.

Scope of application and forecasts
The Spot robot dog has the ability to perform precise and coordinated movements, so it can be used for a variety of tasks. Teaming up with Rocos, a New Zealand-based company, Boston Dynamics was able to “train” the technology in several professions in a short time.

At the moment, the robot dog is actively involved in agriculture for grazing sheep and harvesting. The device also proved to be excellent for remote examination of patients with COVID-19 and patrolling parks in Singapore. In the future, the robot dog will be able to replace people in many areas of life.

Boston Dynamics has announced the free sale of the Spot robot dog. The device can only be purchased in the US for $ 74.5 thousand. The gadget has already been acquired by HoloBuilder, which used the device to build an airport in San Francisco.

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